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Profile grinding machines SK-025

Precision and quality of JEFFER

For the couple decades, JEFFER is one of the famous companies for manufacturing knife grinding machine and
circular saw blade sharpening machine with high precision and high quality. Many kinds of successful models are
carrying on the world’s factories and the sharpening centers.

Top and face grinding

ASG-025 is an excellent machine which has strong construction, inexpensive price, easy operation and high precision.
It is suitable for top and face grinding of carbide circular saw blades. The saw blade products are available for wood,
plastic, aluminum material and steel products processing.

Easy operation

JEFFER PLC system provides very simple operation platform and very reliable. Simply by input the teeth number and
some data on the operation panel then use hand wheel to adjust tooth pitch, the machine will be automatic operating.
After processing all teeth completely, it stops automatically by itself. Regarding to grinding the trapezoid tooth, simply
reset it again, the servo driving type is able to processing one time completely.

Grinding capacity (Min. – Max.) O100mm ~ O810mm
Saw bore diameter O10mm ~ O110mm
Grinding wheel motor 1HP
Cooling system motor 1/6HP
Blade thickness (steel plate) 8mm
Tooth pitch 6mm ~ 75mm
Tooth top 0o ~ 45o
Tooth face 0o ~ 15o
Grinding speed up to 20 teeth/min.
Connected load 2.25 KW
Compressed air connection 40 bar
Coolant pump power 50 l/min.
Diamond whee (Dia. x Bore) O 125mm x O32mm
Machine size (L × W × H) 1750 × 1600 × 2000mm
Packing size (L × W × H) 1850 × 1700 × 2200mm
Net weight 950kgs
Gross weight 1200kgs