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     A profitable performer for safe , high speed and high efficiency production.
     A wide variety of cutting modes to meet your flexible cutting requirement.

  • This machine use a fluorescent crayon for making, incorporated with a photocell sensor to detect defective parts automatically.
  • High performance AC servo motor drives the infeed conveyor system, providing precise positioning of thee workpiece.
  • Multiple language displays: Chinese, English and other languages(option)
  • Various lengths and quantities of cut can be set as desired.(Standartd:12 sizes/option:24 sizes, only for SC-303)Data can be memorized.
  • Variety of cutting modes to meet your flexible cutting requirements.
  • Dapend on your requirement, threre is an monitor equipment called “ Far-end system” for option.
The Sorting Cut off Machine is an advanced equipment specially designed and manufactured for furniture and material preparation manufactures. High speed, high Precision, Saving Time. Lowering your production cost. Designed to greatly upgrade wood utilization and profits.


Cutting thickness 12-75 mm
Cutting widthe 30-230 mm
Min.Cutting length 50 mm
Min.Infeed length 300 mm
Min.timer cross section 30 x 12 mm
Max.timer cross section 230 x 40 / 160 x 75 mm
Feeding speed 50 -130 m/min
Cutting speed 140 pcs perminute(Note1)
Sawblade diameter Ø505 mm(20”)
Saw arbor diameter Ø25.4mm(1”)
Spindle speed 4800 RPM
Feeding servo motor 6 HP / 4.4 KW
Saw drive motor 10 HP / 7.5 KW
Outfeed motor ( Option)
Elevation motor 1/4 HP x 2
Air pressure 5-6 kg/cm2
Dust hood outlet diameter Ø125mm(5”) x 2
Machine dimensions(L x W x H) 9680 x 1862 x 1750 mm
Machine Net weight(Approx) 1850 kgs
Machine Gross weight(Approx) 2300 kgs
Note1. When the constant cutting length is 50mm.
Note2. When the original wood length is 6M,the constant cutting length is 50mm.
Note3. SK-230 : Sawblade elevation driven by servo motor is optional.
Cross-cut Saw