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SK-400 Automatic Tool Grinder is a fully automatic machine. It could be used to grind carbide cutters, finger joint cutters and router bits precisely. It’s a PLC controlled with user-friendly operation panel. It’s easy to operate and can save manpower.


  • This is a machine fully automatic controlled.
  • It is superior machine, which is easy to operate and can save manpower. Grinding just needs setting once.
  • It could be used to grind carbide cutter, router bits and finger jointer cutter very precisely.


     Basic standard accessories:
  • Grinding wheel 1 pc (on the machine)
  • Coolant oil 10 litres, Tools 1 set, Operation manual
  • All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.

Grinding capacity Carbide cutters (dia. x W ) φ300mm× 250mm
Finger joint cutter φ160 / φ210 /φ250mm
Bore 50mm
Length of set 300mm (Finger joint cutter)
Router bits shank φ3-19 mm
Work table (max) 400mm
Grinding wheel size(diameter × bore) φ175× 20mm
Speed of grinding wheel 2800 rpm (50HZ)
3000 rpm (60HZ)
Motor Grinding wheel 2HP
Cooling system 1/8HP
Automatic table Hydraulic motor 1HP
Dividing head servo 400W
Grinding wheel up & down 1/3HP
Machine size (L × W × H) 1400x1120x1730mm
Packing size (L × W × H) 1600x1440x1900mm
Net weight 1050kgs (2310 lbs)
Gross weight 1300kgs (2860 lbs)