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Exclusive design of combination of spiked conveyor mechanism and sectional feeding rollers.

    Chain type : Suitable for furniture and material preparation factories.
  • Ideal for furniture manufacturing application.
  • Superior planning capability-top and bottom planning 26mm.
  • Variable planning speed range 7-28 m/min.
  • Patented op and bottom knife replacement and time saving fast tool change.
  • Infeed table design eliminate traditional two adjustable slide ways. These machines use four adjustable slide ways for easy adjustment of the table surface.
  • Full machine guard provides low noise operation and safer working environment.
  • Hard chrome alloy table.


Numerous evenly disstirbuted pressure spikes exert even pressure on the workpiece, and the spring retraction system ensures stable feed without damaging the stock.


The pneumatically controlled universal joint powers the floating feeding rollers, The rollers adjust to the workpiece surface to provide outstanding smoothness during stock feed.


Specialized and outstanding front/rear pressure shoes and sectional infeed roller design.

Max. width of planning. 650mm
Min. Thickness of planning 8 mm
Max.Thickness of planning 200 mm
Min. Length of planning 398mm
Bottom spindle speed 5300 RPM
Top spindle speed 5300 RPM
Feed speed(Variable) 7-28 m/min
Bottom spindle drive motor 20 HP,(40 HP opt)
Top spindle drive motor 30 HP , (50 HP opt)
Feed drive motor 3 HP
Pressure roller elevation motor 2 HP
Dust hood outlet dimensions 150mm(6”) x 3
Cutter-head diameter ∮ 125 mm
Air pressure 4- kg/cm2
Table height from floor 890 mm
Machine size (L x W x H) 2820 x 1520 x 1950 mm
Packing size (L x W x H) 2300 x 1850 x 2100 mm
Net weight( Approx) 3450 kgs
Gross weight (Approx) 3800 kgs