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SK Controlmate Moulder is fully auto profile center:

For the high demand and request of future production, latest developed high end technology on the colorful screen. This is a machine for just-in-time production and labor cost saving moulder. The SK Controlmate can automatically position cutterheads on each spindle without wasting any moment of loosing money.

Lateral Feeder:
  • For the continuous feeding of the same and different length into a automatic planer/moulder.
  • Can be manually placing workpiece from the wood stack or can be connected with the other lateral chain feeder before this lateral feeder in order to make more fully automatic.
  • The feeder can be available in various designs in order to suit the workpiece dimensions under customer’s request.
CNC Control
  • This CNC Control Moulder is the latest innovation of fully automatic positioning of the spindles.
  • Short set-up times can increase the working efficiency .
  • The touch screen control is easy to learn and when just-in-time production is required and small batch sizes will be produced economically.
  • With 200 memory system, you can set up and store your profile data and retrieve them again by pressing a button when you want to repeat a profile.
  • With the easy-to-use touch screen, the operator is guided to follow through with every decision and can make a quick and accurate set-up for a profile which you have never run before.
Controlmate Moulder with Jointing System
  • Top quality with high feed speed up to 150/200 meter per min.
  • All knives in the cutterhead has to be in the same cutting circle for a superior surface finish while the machine is running at high feed speed.
  • This superior jointing technology is the best solution to produce the best surface in the high speed planer/moulder
Jointer on First Bottom Head
Straight jointer can be adopted on the 1st bottom spindle and work via a pull bar.

Jointer on Right and Left Head.
- The straight and profile knife jointer can both be integrated in the right and left vertical spindle and it will eliminate the set up time while changing from straight knife into profile knife.

Jointer on Top and Last Bottom Head
  • The jointing controls are located in a row at the front of machine makes the operation user-friendly and avoids mistake.
  • The profile jointers are activated with a switch and the jointing stone advancement is accurately controlled in order to reduce the improper adjustment and over-jointing.
Model Controlmate 6 Controlmate 7 Controlmate 8
Working height min./max. 10/130mm 10/130mm 10/130mm
Working width min./max. 20/230mm 20/230mm 20/230mm
No. of spindle 6 7 8
Spindle RPM 6000 6000 6000
Jointer on 1st bottom spindle Straight     Straight     Straight
Jointer on 2 vertical spindles Straight/Profile Straight/Profile Straight/Profile
Jointer on top an last bottom spindle Straight/Profile Straight/Profile Straight/Profile
CNC-controlled spindle positioning 200 memory 200 memory 200 memory
Max. tool diameter horizontal 1st bottom 200mm 200mm 200mm
Max. tool diameter top horizontal 250mm 250mm 250mm
Max. tool diameter 2nd bottom horizontal 250mm 250mm 250mm
Max. tool diameter right and left vertical 250mm 250mm 250mm
Frequency-controlled feed speed Up to 150/200 m/min Up to 150/200 m/min Up to 150/200 m/min
Max. motor HP on 1st bottom 10-50HP 10-50HP 10-50HP
Max. motor HP on horizontal 10-50HP 10-50HP 10-50HP
Max. motor HP on the other bottom 10-50HP 10-50HP 10-50HP