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1. 4-side 7 spindle moulder

Maximum working width & thickness: 230 x 125 mm
Hard chrome table plates.
Mechanical digital readouts for spindle adjustment.
Central lubrication points for all spindles
Full sound and safety enclosure.
Pneumatic controlled feed rollers.
Full cardan shaft drive to feed rollers.
Individual motor to each spindle.
All spindles have horizontal and vertical adjustments.
Spring loaded top idle roller pressures at each fenceside position.
Manual bed lubrication to increase feed power and reduce table wear.
2 meter infeed table.
Lateral pressure roller at the infeed.
6000 RPM of spindle, spindle diameter 40mm
Feed motor: 15HP, frequency inverter feed speed from 10~80M/min.
Spindle configuration & cutting circle and motor: Bottom 10HP(125mm~150mm), Right 10HP(125mm~200mm), Left 10HP(125mm~200mm), Right 10HP(125mm~200mm), Top 10HP(125mm~200mm), Top 10HP(125mm~200mm), Bottom 15HP(125mm~230mm) (mount 1 rip circular saw for 50mm thick wood)
PLC controller with touch screen and memory 99 sets for cutting circle and size of wood on each spindle except 1st bottom spindle.
Complete mounted with feed magazine.
Mounted with 2 short stock feed roller.
Auto bed lubrication.
4 x cutterheads: 230mm x 4 teeth HSS blades + 3 x cutterheads: 125mm x 4 teeth HSS blades.
Cleaning device on the bed driven roller after 1st bottom spindle.