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SK Veneermate Moulder is fully auto veneer sawed

For the more demands and requests of veneer/lamella production, the best quality thin veneer with high speed productivity is used for engineered flooring, doors, blinds, slats, shutters, musical instruments and much more. This machine with the high quality thin kerf saw blades combined with optional cooling system which prolongs the service life and provides a higher feed speed has several times higher capacities than the other machines. The optional scoring saws are available to reduce grain chip-out and to increase the feed speed to become a heavy-duty cleaving saw. It is also combined with 4 head planer to make the material into a perfect condition before sawing into veneer/lamella

Two Scoring Saws:
  • The scoring saws are available to reduce grain chip-out and increase the feed speeds to become a heavy-duty cleaving saw.
Multiple Sheet Horizontal Sawing:
  • The 2 vertical spindles are perfectly designed to fit multiple saw blades in order to cut the material into several pieces
  • The feed speeds is much higher than the frame saw and it can make superior smooth surface after sawing
Model Veneermate 5 Veneermate 6 Veneermate 8
Working height min./max. 10/100mm 10/100mm 10/100mm
Working width min./max. 60/180mm 60/180mm 60/180mm
No. of spindle 5 6 8
Cutterhead Spindle RPM 6000 6000 6000
Scoring Saw Spindle RPM 4000 4000 4000
Main Saw Spindle RPM 4000 4000 4000
Max. tool diameter horizontal 1st bottom 50mm 50mm 50mm
Max. cutterhead diameter on the other spindle 200m 200mm 200mm
Variable feed speed min/max 4/24m/min 4/24m/min 4/24m/min
HP on each cutterhead 7.5HP/10HP 7.5HP/10HP 7.5HP/10HP
HP on scoring saw 5HP 5HP 5HP
HP on the main saw 25HP 25HP 25HP

  • Frequency inverter on main saw to change the RPM on main saw motor.
  • Cooling system on scoring saw and main saw spindle to maintain the service life of saw and spindle.