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Horizontal band saw

Max. cutting capacity 300mmx 300mm
Distance from blade to conveyor 2300mm
Min. cut piece 2m
Saw wheel diameter 28” x 2
Sawblade length 4980-4990mm
Sawblade width 2”
Sawblade speed 25.4mm/s
Conveyor belt sizes 270x4200mm
Feed speed(variable) 030 m/min
Conveyor height from floor 1016mm
Saw wheel motor 20HP
Dust hood outlet diameter Ø4”
Blade lift motor 1/2 HP

Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic blade tension system
  • Heavy duty pressure rollers
  • 20HP saw wheel motor
  • Blade lift digital control
  • Tool box with service tools
  • Feed conveyor tilt 0~30
  • 2” sawblade x 1 pc